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You love to teach classical guitar. At Guitar Curriculum, we love to help, and it shows in everything we do.

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Our core philosophy at is simple: Expressive, beautiful music-making from the very first day.

All of the materials and resources at are designed to support that simple and critical goal. Through carefully graded learning sequences, ample fingerings and dynamic indications, and lots of great music, will engage your students and make it easy for you to focus on making beautiful moments in every class and every concert.

Score Customization

Perhaps the most groundbreaking feature of is our score customization tool. Borne out of a need to accomodate classes with students at different levels,'s music library contains scores with multiple versions of the same parts, and a powerful search engine that allows teachers to enter the different skill levels represented in their class and instantly access scores and parts that match the abilities of their students. This unique feature ensures all students are appropriately engaged, resulting in a more gratifying and productive music-making experience for everyone.

How It Works is available through renewable 1-year subscriptions, which grant unlimited access to all materials and resources on the site. Multi-user subscriptions can be purchased at a reduced cost for schools and districts.

How We Help

We help by providing teachers with a comprehensive resource that includes a vast library of graded ensemble music, audio and video support, along with a range of other materials that are designed to help you and your students succeed. We focus on the details so you don't have to: Every part and score is fully annotated with fingerings and dynamics, and each part strictly adheres to its level designation. This means that you, as the teacher, can be confident the music you are placing in front of your students has clearly stated musical goals, and performance techniques and challenges that are appropriate to the abilities of each individual.

Our support goes beyond the materials on the site, too. Subscribers have access to a team of experts who can provide specific assistance with a range of issues, from adaptive techniques for students with special needs to effective solutions for classroom management.

Nuts And Bolts

The curriculum designates nine levels of student advancement. If all students in the class are the same level (e.g., a beginning guitar class), will provide scores and parts for three-part guitar ensembles for which all students are required to have the same skill set. Ample scores are available for all levels in the case that all students in the class share a skill level, though typically this is only the case for beginning guitar classes (levels 1-4).

If the classroom contains students at different levels of advancement, students will need to be arranged into three sections that best represent their skills. For example, there may be a class of mostly level 5 and 6 students with some beginners who have been added (level 1). In that case, an educator will simply enter 1, 5 & 6 in the search and it will immediately return scores and parts customized for that individual classroom.

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